Pepsi vs. Diet Pepsi

Carbonated drinks commonly referred to as soft drinks are common thirst quencher for more than a century now. Even though carbonated drinks are not considered to be a healthy option, people all over the world consume them in large quantities. Coffee on the other hand is among the healthiest drinks which has many benefits. If you are a coffee lover and love making your own coffee at home try coffe machines from نوڤا سيمونيلي

Pepsi is a carbonated drink that is manufactured and produced by the PepsiCo. PepsiCo is one of the leading beverage and food companies in the world. This soft drink was originally introduced as Brad’s drink in 1893 and renamed as Pepsi-Cola in August of 1898. Later in 1961 the company adopted the simple name Pepsi. Over the years Pepsi has grown and has established itself as a household name. Pepsi has a caramel E-150d colour. It comes in various varieties and the most common is the diet Pepsi and Pepsi Max.


As per the 2016 records each of these brands produced by Pepsi generates more than $1 billion in terms of the annual retail sales. PepsiCo has expanded its operations across the world to more than 200 countries. When the sales from all these countries is combined it results in an annual net revenue of $43.3 billion. The revenue that PepsiCo earns ranks it as the second largest food and Beverage Company in the world. In North America PepsiCo is the largest food and beverage company as per the net revenue. The products manufactured by PepsiCo are distributed by the company and other licenced bottlers from across the region where PepsiCo has established itself.


Pepsi is made from carbonated water, caramel colour, caffeine, citric acid, high fructose corn syrup, phosphoric acid as well as natural flavours. Pepsi is rich in carbohydrates since a can of Pepsi contains around 41 grams of carbohydrates which is contained in the sugar. It has 30mg of sodium and 38mg of caffeine. Since it is a soft drink it has 0 grams of fat and 0 grams of protein. In September of 2012 PepsiCo introduced and launched a new brand of Pepsi called Pepsi Next. Pepsi Next contains 30% less sugar. It has a zero calorie sweetener. Pepsi Next was first introduced in Australia but it was launched in the United States in February 27 2013.


In 1993 the company developed a brand known as Pepsi Max. Pepsi Max was developed to serve as an alternative to Pepsi as well as Diet Pepsi products. Pepsi Max is different in that it has a low-calorie content and has a sugar free cola. Pepsi Max was first introduced in Europe followed by Australia and then Asia. Pepsi Max was developed into three other brands


  • a) Pepsi Max Twist-this brand of Pepsi Max has a lime taste because it contains lime. Pepsi Max Twist is available in the United Kingdom and Australia.


  • b) Pepsi Max Punch-this brand tastes like ginger as well as cinnamon. This is because ginger and cinnamon is one of the key ingredients that is used to make Pepsi Max Punch. This brand is available in United Kingdom and is mostly used during the festive season.


  • c) Pepsi Mac Cappuccino-this type of Pepsi Max is coffee flavoured. It is available in Finland, France, Ireland, UK and also Norway.


Pepsi Max has also other varieties such as Vert, Citron Citron, Cool Lemon, Cease Fire, Mojo and also Chill. The major ingredients that are used to manufacture Pepsi Max are potassium benzoate, aspartame, calcium disodium EDTA and panax ginseng extract. The last mentioned ingredient is not present in Diet Pepsi. Pepsi Max also contains Aspartame which is an artificial sweetener. Pepsi max has another unique characteristic which is it has a high caffeine content when compared to other varieties or brands of Pepsi.


The other brand of Pepsi is Diet Pepsi. Diet Pepsi is an older brand which was introduced in 1964 in the United States. It is referred to as Diet Pepsi because it contains zero calories and zero carbohydrates. Diet Pepsi has also other brands which include Diet Pepsi Lime Twist and Diet Wild Pepsi. When compared to Pepsi Max, Diet Pepsi has a lower amount of caffeine and a lower amount of aspartame which is the artificial sweetener. The major difference between Pepsi and Diet Pepsi lies in the fact that Diet Pepsi formula is based largely on the formula for regular Pepsi. Diet Pepsi has an artificial sweetener which has been used to replace the high fructose corn syrup in regular Pepsi. Soft drinks are always the best to quench your thirst.

4 Surprising Ways How Drinking Water Helps Your Hair

Increasing one’s quality of life may not be as difficult as some people may think today. Because of all of the illnesses and diseases that affect people across the globe, there are many different concerns that sometimes people simply may not know what they can do to protect their health. Also, since health and beauty is normally grouped in the same class, the health of an individual’s hair is vital too. Fortunately, there are some things that can be done to improve the quality of a person’s hair. One of which that most people may not even think about is drinking more water. So, for those of you who are interested in knowing how drinking water can help your hair, please review three of the top benefits provided below.


1. Keeps the Hair Hydrated and Growing Properly

One of the most interesting things about the body is its make-up. Since as much as 60 to 80% of the body is made up of water, most people may say that the actual ration is really strange. Also, based on information provided by various scientific and medical studies, the lack of water can lead to all kinds of different unwanted problems and issues that people would prefer to avoid. This is because the lack of water can leave the entire body dehydrated, including the health of the hair. It is also important to note that without this hydration, the hair is much less likely to grow as it should.


2. Helps to Control Dandruff

It is not uncommon for women and men to suffer with dandruff. In fact, these problems can vary in severity based on the individual and the issues that they are having. To get rid of these problems completely, the person with dandruff will need to find a solution. Therefore, in some cases, the problems can be traced back to the lack of water. So, a physician or beauty professional may highly recommend drinking more water to give the scalp of the hair the hydration that it needs. For instance, if the patient has a lot of severe problems with dandruff and the problems are not getting resolved with anything that the person does, they may want to start a regimen of drinking a lot of water so the scalp is not packed with a lot of white scaly dry skin on their body.


3. Reduces Problems with Thinning Hair

As people begin to get older, they may experience a wide range of different problems that they may or may not expect. One of the most common involves the hair, and the fact that it begins to become thinner over time. While some of these problems may be due to age, others may not be linked to aging at all. Specifically, when people are not drinking enough water to allow their hair to remain healthy and full. Because the skin and the hair becomes more dry as people get older, they will need to compensate for the lack there of by drinking enough water to keep these issues at bay. So, for people who want to make sure that their hair stays nice and full, drinking more water can often help to eliminate a lot of unnecessary issues.


4. Water Helps to Facilitate the Nutrients in the Hair

Even though some people may eat a lot of nutrients, they can still be lacking in something. To correct these issues and concerns, there is one common thing that people normally talk about doing more of today, which includes drinking a lot more water on a regular schedule basis. So, that the hair can also feed off the nutrients that is being released more readily into the skin, nails and the hair.


Dealing with problems with the hair can become quite overwhelming over time. Even when people are doing every thing that they can to protect their hair health, they can still run into severe concerns. Thankfully, there are some things that can be done to correct these issues. Particularly, those that involve eliminating issues with thinning hair, hydrating dry skin that creates the dandruff that people deal with regularly and helping to facilitate the nutrients in every part of the body including the hair.

why drinking water is good for skin

Drinking sufficient amounts of water on a daily basis is significant for the overall good health of the body. This is because water is essential for the running of important body processes including the digestion of food, circulation of blood, absorption of nutrients into the blood system and lastly, excretion of waste out of the body.

But, does it mean drinking large volumes of water is proper for a healthy skin? Some allegations have been made implying that when someone drinks enough water, this water gives them a radiant, healthy, and younger- looking complexion. However, there have also been opponents to this school of thought, where they argue that the skin’s appearance has nothing to do with drinking plenty water.

However, in relation to the effect of water on the skin health and appearance, it’s true that water plays a role. The skin is an organ is composed of cells. These cells also require enough water to perform their functions properly. This, therefore, shows why water is a major component of body cells (including skin cells).

When one gets dehydrated, their body starts drawing water from their tissues and skin to maintain the blood concentration. When this drawing of water happens, the affected persons are bound to experience sunken-looking eyes, while their skin will also experience a dryer feel. As a result, the skin loses its elasticity making someone look older than their real age.

Drinking water is an essential way of maintaining optimum skin moisture while also delivering to the skin cells the essential nutrients. It also helps in the replenishment of skin tissues and also in increasing its elasticity. This, therefore, helps in delaying the appearance of aging signs such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Drinking water is also a perfect way to replace expensive anti-ageing treatments; water makes the skin remain well hydrated and glowing, which helps in enhancing the skin complexion. Therefore, for someone to realize a soft and supple skin they need to drink adequate amounts of water; this works better than applying most of the typical skin anti-aging creams.

Drinking sufficient water helps protect the skin against skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, and wrinkles. It also improves one’s digestive system and also improves their metabolic rate thereby making the elimination of toxins from the body easy. As a result, one experiences a healthily glowing skin.

When a skin lacks sufficient amounts of water, the dehydration manifests itself as a dry skin, that’s tight and flaky. One feature with dry skin is that it lacks resilience and more susceptible to wrinkling and cracking. When one loses large quantities of water on any given day, somehow, there’s need to replenish it. The unfortunate fact about the drinking of water in relation to the skin is that water always reaches all other organs before reaching the skin. Therefore, it’s important for people to apply water onto their skin and maintain it there; this application compliments oral skin rehydration and also prevents wrinkles.

So, what are the main ways to introduce water onto the skin?

l Application of hydrating moisturizers shortly after getting out of the shower or bath. This method of water application is effective due to the skin’s porous nature and its vulnerability to products proceeding a shower or bath, which allows for better absorption.

l Application of a product that contains hyaluronic acid preceding the application of a moisturizer, like SkinCeuticals-hydrating B5 Gel. The Hyaluronic acid has a capacity to hold 1000 times of self-weight within the water. This capacity helps in attracting the water onto the skin and retaining it there.

l Drinking plenty of water. Drinking roughly eight glasses of water a day helps the skin get rid of both body & skin toxins. Not everybody can agree that the consumption of water can improve the skin; however, it certainly does not hurt. There are a number of people who often confess that their increase in water intake resulted in their skin experience a much radiant grow.

A cold water compress may help in reducing an under-eye inflammation. This is because, when the water undergoes evaporation from the skin, their surface becomes cooler. When one also splashes cold water on their eyes, it helps in reducing the eye puffiness.

Five Ways Water Helps Your Body

We all know that drinking water is important to our survival. Without water, life on the earth would simply not exist. Going just a few days without water can lead to dehydration and even death. But water does much more than just keep us alive. Water really does a body good and you will learn how below.


Five Surprising Ways Water Helps the Body


  1. It balances your bodily fluids: Your body is made up of 60% water and other secretions which are also known as bodily fluids. Bodily fluids aid in digestion, circulation, urination, absorption of food, and even the transportation of saliva. Additionally, bodily fluids aids in the transportation of nutrients which are essential for life. When you drink water, it helps to keep all your bodily fluids at functional levels, which will keep you healthy and happy for many years to come. On the other hand, when your fluid levels are low, you may feel sick. Luckily, your body knows when levels are getting low and your brain will send a message to the rest of your body telling it that you are thirsty so that you can take a drink.


  1. It can help you lose weight and control calories: You might be asking yourself; how can drinking water help you lose weight? The truth is water doesn’t directly help you shed those pounds, but when you replace sugary drinks such as soda with water, it can help reduce your calorie intake. At the same time, eating foods that contain larger amounts of water will help you feel fuller which also reduce the number of calories you will take in. If you are trying to lose weight, water can be a helpful tool that you can use to reduce calories while still feeling satisfied at the end of the day.


  1. Water does wonders for your skin: Your skin simply loves water and when you drink the right amount, it shows on the outside. Skin uses large amounts of water to look supple and full. When you are dehydrated, your skin can become dry and you may start to see wrinkles appear. But with proper hydration and time, your skin will often come back to life and the appearance of wrinkles will be diminished. While drinking water is not going to get rid of wrinkles completely, it should help your skin look much better. So make sure to drink enough water to keep your skin hydrated.


  1. It helps your muscles: If you love to lift weights, you probably already know that water is necessary for proper muscle function. Water helps muscle cells maintain their balance which can keep your entire muscle system energized and ready to go. The lack of water or dehydration can cause your cells to become out of balance and reduce the number of electrolytes in your system. This can cause fatigue which is a direct result of the stress that the cells are battling. For those that demand a lot out of their bodies, drinking water is highly important. Runners and those that play high impact sports can get dehydrated very quickly, so drinking the right amount of water is key to staying in the game and staying healthy.


  1. Water helps maintain proper kidney function: Your kidneys help flush out toxins in the body and eliminate waste. But in order to do so, the kidneys need water to help with the process. When the kidneys are properly hydrated, urine will come out freely and will be light colored or even clear. Un-hydrated kidneys will produce dark urine that may be hard to pass. In severe cases of dehydration, your kidneys can even shut down which can cause severe damage and even death. To avoid this, please make sure that you keep an eye on your water intake and drink more when you are physically active or when it is hot outside.


Now that you know the importance of drinking water, why not make sure that you get your 8 glasses every day? Water can keep you healthy and even lose weight when used to replace sodas and other sugary drinks. Remember, if you are physically active, you may need to drink more than 8 glasses a day to replenish your fluid levels.

What Is The Difference Between Drinking Water and Purified Water?

We have all been there before. We walk into the grocery store or another big box store, and on the water aisle, we are faced with two different options; drinking water and purified water. But what is the difference between the two? This is a question that many consumers ask and it can be quite confusing at first. Today, we are going to look at the two different types of water to see what sets them apart.


Drinking Water


When it comes to drinking water, you might find the words “distilled water” under the label. This often refers to the common practice of boiling the water in order to kill bacteria and other harmful pathogens. This distillation process turns the water into vapor and then back into a liquid during the cooling process. Distillation has been used for many years and is an affordable way to treat drinking water. This is a safe way to remove anything harmful that may make you sick. There are many forms of drinking water that are often labeled spring water. This type of bottled water is a little different than traditional drinking water.


While it is still treated using the distillation process, its source is often a natural spring rather than a deep well. Spring water is often safe enough to drink without treatment but for customer safety, it is put up through the distillation process. Spring water may also contain different minerals that common drinking water does not. Some believe that spring water is healthier due to this fact, but this has not been proven. Also, you will learn below that some purified water also comes from spring sources but are stripped of all minerals that give spring water its unique flavor. Now let’s take a look at purified water and what is different about it.


Purified Water


When it comes to purified water, you can expect to get a bottle of water that has been through a purification process. The process of purification can include reverse osmosis, ultraviolet produce purified water, and de-ionization. Each of these processes is a little different, but all of them will safely remove anything harmful that is in the water. Having been through this process allows the company bottling the water to place the word purified somewhere on the label. Many people feel that purified water is the only sure way to know that they are getting clean water that is free from pathogens, but this is simply not the case. Distilled water is just a safe as purified water but there is a difference.


Purified water not only gets rid of harmful items, but it also improves the taste of the water. Because everything is taken out of the water including minerals, purified water will not leave an aftertaste in your mouth. Also, consumers should be aware that purified water can come from just about any type of water source. This can include but is not limited to city water supplies, deep wells, and even springs. But you will often not be informed about the origin of the water supply. Some companies do put the source on the label while others simply list a city where the water is treated. This can be very concerning for those consumers who like to know everything about what they put into their bodies. It’s probably why many people prefer purified water over drinking water. For those with babies who are on formula, purified water may be the better option. Since it lacks any unpleasant flavors, it may be more tolerated by small children.


Now You Know the Difference


You have now learned the difference between drinking water that is distilled and purified water that has been put through a more complex process. As you can see, both of these types of bottled water is safe to drink, but one might be more flavorful. The choice is really up to you and finding the best water for your taste should now be a much easier process. If you like the flavor that spring water provides, you might want to avoid purified water. On the other hand, if you like your water completely filtered of all minerals, purified water is your best bet. But no matter which one you choose, bottled water is a great way to stay hydrated and healthy.

How can drinking water help your skin?

Drinking sufficient water is one of the best things that you can do for your overall health. Apart from aiding in digestion, circulation and other vital physiological functions, water is also crucial for a healthy, supple and radiant skin.


Several dermatologists and other beauty experts swear by the benefits of drinking adequate water on skin. So, how exactly does drinking water help your skin? Well, let’s find out!


What is skin?

Before you dismiss this as a stupid question, hear me out.


Here is the thing:

The skin is the largest organ of your body that suffers heavy wear and tear by your daily activities. It also loses a ton of water through sweat throughout the day as well. As a result, it requires a lot of water to keep itself healthy and hydrated.


If your skin is parched, it can get dry and appear flakey and lackluster. It is a known fact that dry skin is not as elastic as hydrated skin and is prone to wrinkling.


Another interesting fact about the skin is that it contains a protein called collagen that requires water to maintain its firmness and elasticity. If your skin is dehydrated the collagen gets loose and you get wrinkles easily.


How can water help?

Well, water contributes to maintaining a healthy skin in many ways. Here are a few ways drinking an adequate amount of water can help you keep common skin problems at bay.

  1. 1. Plump up that saggy skin


Drinking ample water throughout the day can plump up sagging and wrinkling skin. According to Dr. Julius Few, M.D., of The Few Institute, Chicago, drinking enough water helps the skin to restore its elasticity.

When your skin is properly hydrated, there are fewer chances of it cracking and thereby reducing many other skin problems.

  1. 2. Flush away the toxins


As skin is also an excretory organ, many harmful toxins leave the body through the skin in sweat and other secretions. But if the skin is dehydrated, it tends to accumulate many of these toxins that can wreak havoc on its health. Drinking sufficient water can help the skin to flush these harmful toxins away. Drinking eight glasses of water a day can help your skin eliminate these toxins and reduce their impact on skin.

  1. 3. Reduce pimples and acne


Pimples, acne and other skin conditions arise due to the accumulation of harmful toxins in the skin. If you drink enough water, the skin can flush out these toxins and hence help in reduction of these conditions. As hydrated skin has smaller pores, drinking enough water translated to less clogged pores which in turn may reduce many skin problems including blackheads and acne.

  1. 4. Make the skin glow


A recent study conducted by scientists at the University of Missouri-Columbia showed that drinking water increases the blood flow to the skin. The increased blood supply can help the skin to stay healthy, flush out the toxins and also impart a healthy glow.

  1. 5. Keep the skin young


Wrinkles make the skin look old, and so do spots on the skin, dark circles, and pigmentation. Drinking water can help your skin to stay firm and hydrated and reduce the appearance of blemishes. As water increases the blood flow to the skin, it can also contribute to reducing the dark circles under your eyes.


How much water should you drink?

The exact amount of water that you should drink in a day depends on many factors including your age, weight and metabolic rate. That said, it is recommended that an adult drink between 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. It is also equally important that you spread them out throughout the day. Instead of drinking 2 or 3 glasses of water at once, try to space them out. That way, the water will stay in your system longer and will benefit you the most.


Your body absorbs a limited quantity of water each hour. If you guzzle gallons of water at a time, it is just going to go through your system without giving you any benefit. So, plan to drink a glass of water of so every few hours for the most benefit.


The bottom line

Water is a vital component in your diet. If you want a healthy and young-looking skin, make sure that you are showing it some love by drinking ample amount of water throughout the day.

Another thing to remember is the fact that if you start drinking water, you won’t see the benefits right away. It takes time for your skin to bounce back. So, if you don’t see immediate effects of increasing your water intake, don’t get disheartened. In due time, water will do its trick, and you will experience a healthier, happier and firmer skin!





Why Drinking Water Is Important For Weight Loss

Water has long been the go to drink when one feels thirsty or when on the verge of choking. Not many people have associated water with weight loss. According to experts, water contains zero calories and in case of cold water, it contains negative calories. Why? This is because the body must warm it first to body temperature.


It is common to find a person who engages in exercises and consumes a balance diet not losing weight. What many people don’t know is that not drinking enough water plays a vital part in this predicament. Water has an important role in the body. Not only does it help with metabolism but it ensures the kidneys function well too. Furthermore, it eliminates the chances of you feeling dehydrated.


When you are dehydrated, the body usually transfers much of the functions to the liver. This results in the liver being strained since much of the load is placed onto it. Due to the liver’s divided attention, it is unable to pull all its efforts to convert fat into energy. This is the reason why you may not be losing weight even though you engage in regular exercise and consume a balanced diet.


So, why is drinking water important for weight loss?


Acts as an appetite suppressant

It is common for people to consume more food without knowing the eventual effects especially if one does not engage in regular exercises. If the food is rich in unsaturated fats, chances are the fat will eventually be stored in the body leading to weight gain. As time goes by and one does not change this habit, it will lead to obesity which makes one to be prone to health risks like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.


What nutritionists and medical experts have discovered is that drinking water before a meal helps to reduce one’s appetite. This results in one eating less food. A study was conducted on middle aged overweight and obese individuals who drank water before every meal. This resulted in the loss of 44% of their weight compared to a group that did not drink water before the meals.


By reducing one’s appetite, the body turns to stored fat and metabolizes it for use as energy to power different body functions. This is how people get to lose weight especially if one keeps up with the practice for a few months to a year. It is recommended that one should drink a glass or two before any meal.


Lowers calorie intake

As said earlier, water contains no calories which means when you drink a glass or more, your body will not be affected. This is beneficial to you in so many ways. For starters, it lowers your calorie intake. Think of this – how many soft drinks do you drink in a day, week or month? Soft sugary drinks and energy drinks contain high quantities of sugar. This contributes more calories in your body. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle where you get to sit down all day with less physical activity, the calories will be converted into fat. Studies have shown that people who consume more water in a day experience up to 200 calories less. So how do you achieve weight loss by drinking water?


It is recommended that one should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water each day. Many people may find it hard to keep up with this but there is a simple method to help you remember. It involves 8 to 10 rubber bands. You can simply wrap them around your wrist. Every single time you take a glass of water, simply take off one rubber band and place it aside. By the end of the day, you will be surprised that you have accomplished your goal.


What you need to know is that increasing your daily consumption of water each day lowers weight gain by 0.13 kg. This is why it is highly encouraged for children to drink water each day.


Raises your metabolic rate

When you consume food, enzymes in your body break it down turning it into energy. This helps to power the many functions in your body. What you need to know is that the higher your metabolic rate, the more calories you will burn. There are consequences when your metabolism slows down. One of them is sluggish blood flow. Another consequence is that the lymphatic system does not function well. According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, drinking half a liter of water helps to increase metabolism by 30%. This increase was found to occur within 10 minutes which reaches a maximum after 30 to 40 minutes.


As a result, the body experiences a thermogenic response of about 100 Kj. Since metabolism is an energy intensive function, it will result in the body tapping into fat stores. When you gain weight, fat is usually stored around the thighs, hips and stomach area. By increasing your metabolic rate, the body starts to convert the stored fat into energy. With time, you will experience weight loss. What you need to understand is that weight loss will not happen quickly. At first, you may experience what experts call water weight loss. With time, the body will adjust resulting in more fat burning.


Final Thoughts

Water is the basis of life. Not only does it help to hydrate your body but it helps you lose weight. For starters, it contains no calories which mean it contributes none when consumed. Drinking half a liter of water each day improves your metabolic rate by 30%. By drinking water before meals, your body turns to stored fat as an energy source leading to fat burning and eventually weight loss. So, next time you crave for a beverage or energy drink, opt for plain water instead. It will save your life.

Water vs Other Liquids

There are many different types of fluids to drink on the market. They come in many different flavors. Still water is one of the best things to drink for hydration. There are some main differences when drinking water verses other fluids. Water is also free of calories which are good for those that are looking to maintain a healthy weight or lose weight.

 Fluids and Caffeine

People that drink a beverage with caffeine have an increase in urination. Over time people will develop a tolerance to their caffeine. According to studies people that consume beverages with caffeine are no less hydrated than people that drink water or other liquids. Caffeine has been linked to calcium depletion on the bones so a person may want to watch their caffeine intake.

Water and Fruit Juices

While fruit juices do provided needed nutrients to the body too much fruit juice can be harmful. Even all natural fruit juices have a high sugar content. This can call changes in the blood sugar levels and can have a negative effect on the body. One cup of fruit juice can have as many as 9 teaspoons of sugar. If a person is going to drink fruit juice they should do so in moderation. Water can be added to fruit juice to cut down on the concentration of sugar. When drinking fruit juice try to find all natural brands with no added sugar.

 Sports Drinks

When working out many people turn to sports drinks. They have become very popular over the years and have been said to keep the body hydrated. While sports drinks can increase electrolytes that have been lost during a workout they often have added sugars and syrups. This is not too good for the body. While sports drinks may keep the body hydrated water is still the best liquid for this.

 Water and Soda

Soda is a popular beverage due to the taste. It is widely available and many people like the sweetness that it offers. There is nothing nutritional about soda. This drink contains a high concentration of sugar as well as empty calories. This can lead to weight loss. Diet sodas also contain additives that are unhealthy. Water is a much better choice than any form of soda.

 Reasons Why People Do Not Drink Water

Many people choose water over other liquids because water does not have a taste. Soda, juice, and other drinks have plenty of flavor while water does not. There are some ways to add a little bit of flavor to the water without making it unhealthy. A person can add a lemon slice, orange slice, or even a mint leaf to give water some taste. Berries can also be put into the water bottle. This will give the water some flavor and add antioxidants. Fruits contain up to 90 percent water in their makeup. If a person is not drinking enough water they should eat fruits such as watermelon.

Water and Tea

Herbal teas including green tea are water based. When a person makes this tea they need to put the teabag in water to extract the full flavor. These teas have number of health benefits. A person can get additional antioxidants from drinking tea. When making a cup of tea do not add sugar or other sweeteners. This will reduce the health benefits and turn it into another sugary drink.

 How Much Water is Needed?

A person should aim to drink eight cups of liquid a day to stay hydrated. In addition to drinking water, drinks that have water bases count for this amount. Coffee and tea counts towards the amount of water that a person should consume since they have a water base. If a person still is not getting enough water by drinking it they should increase their intake of lettuce, oatmeal, and fruit since they contain a large amount of water. This can help the body stay hydrated.

Water is the best fluid for the body. It is free of additive, calories, and is good for the hair, skin, and nails. There are a number of other beverages on the market that can be consumed in moderation. Having a cup of juice or soda once in a while is okay as long as water is the main beverage consumed.

5 Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Water

We consider water just as a source of survival , that is we need water to stay alive. Who knew water does so much more than just keeping you alive.
This video tells you about the 5 most amazing benefits of drinking water.