What Is The Difference Between Drinking Water and Purified Water?

We have all been there before. We walk into the grocery store or another big box store, and on the water aisle, we are faced with two different options; drinking water and purified water. But what is the difference between the two? This is a question that many consumers ask and it can be quite confusing at first. Today, we are going to look at the two different types of water to see what sets them apart.


Drinking Water


When it comes to drinking water, you might find the words “distilled water” under the label. This often refers to the common practice of boiling the water in order to kill bacteria and other harmful pathogens. This distillation process turns the water into vapor and then back into a liquid during the cooling process. Distillation has been used for many years and is an affordable way to treat drinking water. This is a safe way to remove anything harmful that may make you sick. There are many forms of drinking water that are often labeled spring water. This type of bottled water is a little different than traditional drinking water.


While it is still treated using the distillation process, its source is often a natural spring rather than a deep well. Spring water is often safe enough to drink without treatment but for customer safety, it is put up through the distillation process. Spring water may also contain different minerals that common drinking water does not. Some believe that spring water is healthier due to this fact, but this has not been proven. Also, you will learn below that some purified water also comes from spring sources but are stripped of all minerals that give spring water its unique flavor. Now let’s take a look at purified water and what is different about it.


Purified Water


When it comes to purified water, you can expect to get a bottle of water that has been through a purification process. The process of purification can include reverse osmosis, ultraviolet produce purified water, and de-ionization. Each of these processes is a little different, but all of them will safely remove anything harmful that is in the water. Having been through this process allows the company bottling the water to place the word purified somewhere on the label. Many people feel that purified water is the only sure way to know that they are getting clean water that is free from pathogens, but this is simply not the case. Distilled water is just a safe as purified water but there is a difference.


Purified water not only gets rid of harmful items, but it also improves the taste of the water. Because everything is taken out of the water including minerals, purified water will not leave an aftertaste in your mouth. Also, consumers should be aware that purified water can come from just about any type of water source. This can include but is not limited to city water supplies, deep wells, and even springs. But you will often not be informed about the origin of the water supply. Some companies do put the source on the label while others simply list a city where the water is treated. This can be very concerning for those consumers who like to know everything about what they put into their bodies. It’s probably why many people prefer purified water over drinking water. For those with babies who are on formula, purified water may be the better option. Since it lacks any unpleasant flavors, it may be more tolerated by small children.


Now You Know the Difference


You have now learned the difference between drinking water that is distilled and purified water that has been put through a more complex process. As you can see, both of these types of bottled water is safe to drink, but one might be more flavorful. The choice is really up to you and finding the best water for your taste should now be a much easier process. If you like the flavor that spring water provides, you might want to avoid purified water. On the other hand, if you like your water completely filtered of all minerals, purified water is your best bet. But no matter which one you choose, bottled water is a great way to stay hydrated and healthy.