why drinking water is good for skin

Drinking sufficient amounts of water on a daily basis is significant for the overall good health of the body. This is because water is essential for the running of important body processes including the digestion of food, circulation of blood, absorption of nutrients into the blood system and lastly, excretion of waste out of the body.

But, does it mean drinking large volumes of water is proper for a healthy skin? Some allegations have been made implying that when someone drinks enough water, this water gives them a radiant, healthy, and younger- looking complexion. However, there have also been opponents to this school of thought, where they argue that the skin’s appearance has nothing to do with drinking plenty water.

However, in relation to the effect of water on the skin health and appearance, it’s true that water plays a role. The skin is an organ is composed of cells. These cells also require enough water to perform their functions properly. This, therefore, shows why water is a major component of body cells (including skin cells).

When one gets dehydrated, their body starts drawing water from their tissues and skin to maintain the blood concentration. When this drawing of water happens, the affected persons are bound to experience sunken-looking eyes, while their skin will also experience a dryer feel. As a result, the skin loses its elasticity making someone look older than their real age.

Drinking water is an essential way of maintaining optimum skin moisture while also delivering to the skin cells the essential nutrients. It also helps in the replenishment of skin tissues and also in increasing its elasticity. This, therefore, helps in delaying the appearance of aging signs such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Drinking water is also a perfect way to replace expensive anti-ageing treatments; water makes the skin remain well hydrated and glowing, which helps in enhancing the skin complexion. Therefore, for someone to realize a soft and supple skin they need to drink adequate amounts of water; this works better than applying most of the typical skin anti-aging creams.

Drinking sufficient water helps protect the skin against skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, and wrinkles. It also improves one’s digestive system and also improves their metabolic rate thereby making the elimination of toxins from the body easy. As a result, one experiences a healthily glowing skin.

When a skin lacks sufficient amounts of water, the dehydration manifests itself as a dry skin, that’s tight and flaky. One feature with dry skin is that it lacks resilience and more susceptible to wrinkling and cracking. When one loses large quantities of water on any given day, somehow, there’s need to replenish it. The unfortunate fact about the drinking of water in relation to the skin is that water always reaches all other organs before reaching the skin. Therefore, it’s important for people to apply water onto their skin and maintain it there; this application compliments oral skin rehydration and also prevents wrinkles.

So, what are the main ways to introduce water onto the skin?

l Application of hydrating moisturizers shortly after getting out of the shower or bath. This method of water application is effective due to the skin’s porous nature and its vulnerability to products proceeding a shower or bath, which allows for better absorption.

l Application of a product that contains hyaluronic acid preceding the application of a moisturizer, like SkinCeuticals-hydrating B5 Gel. The Hyaluronic acid has a capacity to hold 1000 times of self-weight within the water. This capacity helps in attracting the water onto the skin and retaining it there.

l Drinking plenty of water. Drinking roughly eight glasses of water a day helps the skin get rid of both body & skin toxins. Not everybody can agree that the consumption of water can improve the skin; however, it certainly does not hurt. There are a number of people who often confess that their increase in water intake resulted in their skin experience a much radiant grow.

A cold water compress may help in reducing an under-eye inflammation. This is because, when the water undergoes evaporation from the skin, their surface becomes cooler. When one also splashes cold water on their eyes, it helps in reducing the eye puffiness.