Water vs Other Liquids

There are many different types of fluids to drink on the market. They come in many different flavors. Still water is one of the best things to drink for hydration. There are some main differences when drinking water verses other fluids. Water is also free of calories which are good for those that are looking to maintain a healthy weight or lose weight.

 Fluids and Caffeine

People that drink a beverage with caffeine have an increase in urination. Over time people will develop a tolerance to their caffeine. According to studies people that consume beverages with caffeine are no less hydrated than people that drink water or other liquids. Caffeine has been linked to calcium depletion on the bones so a person may want to watch their caffeine intake.

Water and Fruit Juices

While fruit juices do provided needed nutrients to the body too much fruit juice can be harmful. Even all natural fruit juices have a high sugar content. This can call changes in the blood sugar levels and can have a negative effect on the body. One cup of fruit juice can have as many as 9 teaspoons of sugar. If a person is going to drink fruit juice they should do so in moderation. Water can be added to fruit juice to cut down on the concentration of sugar. When drinking fruit juice try to find all natural brands with no added sugar.

 Sports Drinks

When working out many people turn to sports drinks. They have become very popular over the years and have been said to keep the body hydrated. While sports drinks can increase electrolytes that have been lost during a workout they often have added sugars and syrups. This is not too good for the body. While sports drinks may keep the body hydrated water is still the best liquid for this.

 Water and Soda

Soda is a popular beverage due to the taste. It is widely available and many people like the sweetness that it offers. There is nothing nutritional about soda. This drink contains a high concentration of sugar as well as empty calories. This can lead to weight loss. Diet sodas also contain additives that are unhealthy. Water is a much better choice than any form of soda.

 Reasons Why People Do Not Drink Water

Many people choose water over other liquids because water does not have a taste. Soda, juice, and other drinks have plenty of flavor while water does not. There are some ways to add a little bit of flavor to the water without making it unhealthy. A person can add a lemon slice, orange slice, or even a mint leaf to give water some taste. Berries can also be put into the water bottle. This will give the water some flavor and add antioxidants. Fruits contain up to 90 percent water in their makeup. If a person is not drinking enough water they should eat fruits such as watermelon.

Water and Tea

Herbal teas including green tea are water based. When a person makes this tea they need to put the teabag in water to extract the full flavor. These teas have number of health benefits. A person can get additional antioxidants from drinking tea. When making a cup of tea do not add sugar or other sweeteners. This will reduce the health benefits and turn it into another sugary drink.

 How Much Water is Needed?

A person should aim to drink eight cups of liquid a day to stay hydrated. In addition to drinking water, drinks that have water bases count for this amount. Coffee and tea counts towards the amount of water that a person should consume since they have a water base. If a person still is not getting enough water by drinking it they should increase their intake of lettuce, oatmeal, and fruit since they contain a large amount of water. This can help the body stay hydrated.

Water is the best fluid for the body. It is free of additive, calories, and is good for the hair, skin, and nails. There are a number of other beverages on the market that can be consumed in moderation. Having a cup of juice or soda once in a while is okay as long as water is the main beverage consumed.